Full Sound On! End of Summer Party


Full Sound On!
End of Summer
Party by TikTok

creation, event

End of summer party was the very first live event organized by TikTok CE for the employees of the top media houses in Poland and CE. We planned and executed the event extremely meticulously. Every activity was intertwined with the brand’s identity. We strived to create the world of TikTok where all the virtual trends come to life.

Event’s main goal was to focus strictly on relations with partners and clients, network, strengthen and create new business relations. We made the guests feel special here. Our Full Sound On! End of Summer Party set trends and fully reflected TikTok's identity.

We were responsible for both the concept and the comprehensive implementation of the entire event. Every attraction, every element of the scenography, and even the menu was meticulously planned. In this way, we wanted to influence brand awareness and the perception of TikTok as a super fun, but very professional, brand that creates a positive buzz.

We based the attractions on the hottest TikTok trends, including:
#capybara trend! Our bartenders were helping guests to choose the perfect drink based on “What spiritual Capybara are you” test.

We built Slomo video booth inspired by #newbombshellenteredthevilla ound with neon background.

Our chefs were preparing dishes according to the food trends. Guests could scan QR codes and save recipe they liked most.

Music was the major component of the event. The star of the evening was well known KAMP DJ duo as well as Vouging House of Femmina, who not only amazed the guests with their great choreography but also brought us closer to the history and culture of Vouging popular dance style on TikTok.

TikTok party couldn't be complete without #itscorn trend, therefore we filled the bathtub with real corn. Guests were encouraged to take it as a souvenir from the party, any leftovers were given to local farmer whose horses also enjoyed #itscorn trend.

The event met all the objectives set by the Client in the brief. Full sound on! party created a huge buzz, pre and post event which resulted in great publications on social media. It was the biggest TikTok B2B event this year in Poland and first one of such scale which set the bar very high for future brand activities. Client received wonderful feedback after the event and plans to continue organizing similar ones in the upcoming years.

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