"Goose and duck from Poland. Try it next door" campaign


"Goose and duck from Poland. Try it next door" campaign

POLDRÓB - Polish Association of Poultry Producers
advertising campaign, advertising spots, graphic design and animations, website and analytics

High-quality Polish duck and goose meat has been recognized by European consumers for years. The goal of the campaign: "Goose and duck from Poland. Try it next door" was to promote duck and goose meat on the German market.

The main elements of the campaign
were spots, advertising banners and
a website providing comprehensive
information on goose and duck meat.

We divided the campaign into two stages. The fact that a Polish goose saves any situation was proved to consumers in the first video by Marcin - a Pole who saved his German neighbour from trouble by serving an aromatic Polish goose for an unannounced dinner.

The campaign was naturally linked to St. Martin's Day, a very popular festival in Germany.

In the second spot, viewers could see Marcin preparing aromatic duck for Christmas dinner. In creating this culinary composition, he is accompanied by a dynamic Revolutionary Étude by Fryderyk Chopin.

Both spots were very popular among German Internet users. During the campaign, the former video was played nearly 1.7 million times, while the latter one more than 1.2 million times. Thanks to well-constructed scenarios and creations, the viewers were eager to watch the video until the end.

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