Empik Bestsellers Galas 2016-2021


Empik Bestsellers
Galas 2016-2021

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The Empik Bestsellers Gala is one of the most important and largest cultural popularity contests in Poland. Prizes are awarded to creators of the most popular books, music and movies. For many years we have been creating the format of the Bests so that the galas exceed themselves year after year, strengthening Empik's position as a leader and cultural expert in the market.

We elevate viewership both on TV and during online streaming on SoMe channels. We create a unique brand experience, providing entertainment to a mainstream audience.

We were responsible for running five TV galas for the Empik brand. In recent years, we have also taken care of the content-centred distribution of online streaming, combined with engaging contests. Thanks to this mix of worlds we continue to achieve very good viewership among our target audience and attract younger audiences.

Our goal is always to create an unconventional formula for the gala, enriched with unforgettable energy. The show must have a distinctive flow that will lead the audience through the brand's unique story.

We always strive to ensure the consistency of Empik's brand experience. From the concept itself to the production. From creative directions, which we later develop into every element of the brand world, to directions translating into visually appealing stage settings and highly rated video art.

We also care about engaging content for Gen Z. Thus, the streaming reach of the recent Empik Bestsellers 2021 attracted more than 1.7 million viewers online (43% more than the previous edition), while viewer engagement increased by more than 93%.

Empik Bestsellers 2017 2,55 million viewers on TV

Empik Bestsellers 2018 2,29 million viewers on TV

Empik Bestsellers 2019 4,42 million viewers on TV + streaming online

Empik Bestsellers 2020 5 million viewers on TV + streaming online

Empik Bestsellers 2021 5,5 million viewers on TV + streaming online

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