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ING Poland Corporate Banking Leader Gala


ING Poland Corporate Banking Leader Gala

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The ING Poland Corporate Banking Leader Gala is an annual opportunity to recognize the top-performing employees of ING Bank Śląski. Until now, the event has always been held in the traditional formula. The pandemic, however, forced the transfer of the formula to the online world. The dynamic show was hosted by showman Szymon Majewski, who perfectly fit the concept of the gala "winking at the audience" and offered a dose of good humour. The event was graced by an energizing concert of a music star - Małgorzata Ostrowska.

We took care of the comprehensive creation and implementation of a virtual event aimed at employees of ING Bank Śląski. In a word: an online event in a TV formula! Our task was to prepare an event that would attract employees to their screens and provide them with a unique experience.

We opted for a dynamic concept. In a little more than 45 minutes we efficiently and interestingly presented the nominees (almost 100 people in dozens of categories) and awarded prizes. The main host was Szymon Majewski (radio and TV presenter, satirist and showman) who was supported by co-hosts identified with the brand, including Marek Kondrat. We enriched the whole thing with a concert by Małgorzata Ostrowska.

It was the first internal online event of
ING Bank Śląski of such scale and momentum.
i We achieved very good viewership and positive
feedback under challenging circumstances.
Of the 1,000 guests, more than 800 attended
the streaming throughout its duration.

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