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Coca-Cola HBC Poland & Baltics intended to hold another edition of the sales conference for its employees. Its purpose was to present the organisation’s key goals for the coming year and motivate employees to get involved in new projects. Until now, the event was held in the traditional form, but the pandemic forced a change in the current formula.

We developed a unique, multilingual online event that effectively engaged more than 1,000 employees from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in front of their screens for 8 hours. As much as 90% of them appreciated the quality of the conference, and 86% found the content extremely interesting and engaging.

We were the first in Poland to choose Unreal Engine 4 (used in video games) to create an online event, which resulted in a remarkable, high-quality effect. With green box technology, speakers from all countries were able to perform on one virtual stage in real-time.

For the conventional presentations, a moving stage was created in the shape of a Coca-Cola cap, to which rocket engines were attached to symbolize the company's dynamic growth. The cap-stage along with the speakers flew across the world, stopping at locations associated with client brands. It was an unusual and unprecedented way of presenting sales data, which delighted the audience.

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