GEZE's 25th Anniversary Communication


GEZE's 25th
Anniversary Communication

creation, communication, video, testimonials, animation

In 2022, GEZE celebrated its 25th anniversary in Poland. As part of the celebrations, we created a video package for the GEZE brand intended for social media communication, for which we also engaged GEZE employees and clients. We were responsible for both the concept of videos and their full production and post-production.

GEZE is one of the world’s most successful providers of solutions for state-of-the-art door, window and safety technology. We were responsible for preparing the concept and producing video materials to communicate its 25th anniversary in Poland in the client's channels.

We started our work by creating an anniversary KV and designing a logo.

External communication for GEZE's 25th anniversary celebration focused on video testimonials with clients and company employees. We were responsible for developing scripts for the footage and supervising the production during the shooting days and post-production.

Based on the scripts and storyboards we developed, we also created an anniversary animation depicting key moments in the company's history, its flagship products, as well as its values and mission.

We also produced a series of employer branding videos featuring employees, showcasing the company's various departments.

In addition, we created a series of mood videos showing in an interesting, ad-like way GEZE's business areas and their products in everyday use.

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